You know it was in this moment where these two travelers had the most difficult pain. “We Had Hoped…” The loss of expectation. The let down can be the hardest thing to accept. And today if you are in similar shoes you are facing a difficult result.


Romans 8:37a “37 No, despite all these things,”


“Despite all these things,” these things… The things that are difficult. The things that are depressing. The things that we have been hurt by for some time now. Those things. All the junk. All the mess. Notice it doesn't say everything is now perfect.


It may not be perfect BUT it’s not over. It might feel like it is a lost cause. You may feel like this is now your reality and future. But your over is not God’s over.


Romans 8:37b “overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.”


This is the truth! The two travelers were victorious while walking the wrong way… They just didn’t see it. You are victorious… You just might not see it yet. Your over is actually the thing God is using to make you an overcomer. Despite all of that stuff. All those pains and difficulties. Despite the hurt. Despite the divorce. Despite the job loss. Despite the anxiety and depression. Despite all of it.


For some of you, you are at the point of giving up… It has been a long run, things are not looking any better. You thought by now your life would look better. You thought things would improve by now. You are about to give up.




Your over is what Christ has overcome. Recognize your victory. Your victory is there you may just be walking the wrong way. It is still there.

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