Hosea 6:2 “2 In just a short time he will restore us, so that we may live in his presence.”


You are complete -- The promise has now arrived


Don’t act like you haven't arrived when Christ has already restored you.

Restoration is a perfect image of this. Take something older, something that was once awesome but over time became less than desirable. Old and junky. And you restore it. You make it what it once was or something even better. Restoration is exactly what Christ came and accomplished. You might not feel perfect, you’re not. But you have been restored. Back into a relationship with God where He looks at you for the son or daughter you are.


Restored where you begin to see life through His lens and not your own. So fulfillment in life becomes more attainable because it is through Christ, not likes, followers, friends, careers, income, etc…

You Are Restored.

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