I want to share with you a VISION. I have always enjoyed and desired to provide something more than just a sermon on a Sunday but something that more people at all times can grow and participate in.

So I am getting back on track! I plan to provide a blog and some other options for you and others to be challenged, encouraged, and to grow spiritually. Our VISION at Community Bible Church is that all BELONG IN CHRIST. BELONG IN COMMUNITY. AND BELONG IN THE GREAT COMMISSION. I believe this is essential for each of us and I will be writing and providing opportunities for you to apply these three statements.

What you can expect are regular posts... And something new that I am excited about. Looking at books of the Bible verse by verse together. So stay on the lookout and I will be sharing some more updates. Comment below or respond to me through email letting me know you are on board with me and this journey.

Let’s use technology to grow spiritually!


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